This is a place of sardonic humor, flippant one–liners, irreverence and useless utterances of nonsense, a perfect use of the Internet. I love the Web.

Boinkin Chipmunks was hatched from political parody of politicians who always ended up boinking some furry hapless little critter, e.g. George W. Bush boinkin chipmunks. It is content that has been created and used over the years as nothing more than a technical testing Web site.

This content is a work in process. As it currently stands, it is at its very root beginnings and is under construction.

Some fanatical geek may now be saying, “What the hell? Content under construction?? Didn’t that like go out back in 1997 and ¾ or sumthin?”

Yeah, well, so what. This is my boinkin site and, when I want your opinion, I will turn this content into one of those Web 2.0 things. Until then, it stays Web .00014.

Because of the mature content of this site, I have classified it as a “Mature” site in both its PICS and ICRA classifications. I have subsequently petitioned the ICRA for establishment of a new classification:May Cause Uncontrolled Nose Bleeding.

The entire Web site now supports Microsoft’s EOT technology. In addition, audio and video content on the site is being upgraded to include closed captions for that multi-media content. Closed caption development will be an ongoing project as time permits.