Top 5 Cosmetic Dental Treatments in the UK

There are many cosmetic dental treatments available in the United Kingdom. Let’s take a look at 5 cosmetic dental treatments in the UK to consider in order for you to have that great smile that you desire.

1 Teeth Whitening

If you have teeth that are somewhat yellowed, consider teeth whitening. There are many reasons that you teeth may be yellow or discolored in some way. It could be simply genetics or it may be from the food you eat and what you drink.

Teeth whitening can be completed either by using an at home kit or by a professional. Typically, it is recommended to use a professional for teeth whitening as many of the home products do not work as well and do not last as long.

2. Veneers

Veneers are ideal for those who have teeth that are badly stained or broken. Veneers can close up gaps and reshape the teeth.

Veneers work by increasing the dimensions of the tooth and can make them longer or more square. A thin slice of porcelain will be shaped and coloured in order to correspond to the patient’s current teeth. Veneers bond to the front of the tooth and a small amount of drilling will be used to contour the veneers.

Veneers are typically placed in 2 appointments and if they are taken care of can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.

3. Teeth Straightening

Another cosmetic dental treatment that can be considered is teeth straightening. This can be done using orthodontics or a cosmetic technique. This procedure is for those who have tilting teeth, crooked teeth, or crowded teeth.

Cosmetic teeth strengthening is completed by using an electrosurge unit to reshape the gums and shape the new veneers. The teeth are drilled so that they are ready to receive new veneers. This procedure takes three appointments, with the surgery appointment completed first and taking about an hour.

Orthodontics can also be used. These are braces that are fitted inside the mouth that will pull or push on the teeth in order to straighten them. This process can take anywhere from one to three years and follow up appointments are done once every month or every two months.

4. Caps or Crowns

Caps or crowns can be used to replace or restore chipped or broken teeth. This procedure requires that a mould be taken of the tooth that needs repaired. The crown will be made in a laboratory and is made out of either porcelain or metal. Once the crown is prepared the dentist will cut down the old tooth and then cement the crown onto the tooth. The process takes at least two appointments that last around 2 hours each.

5. Bridges

If you have a spot where a tooth is missing or a large gap in your teeth, a bridge might be the best option. Bridges are units of three crowns that are made from porcelain. The middle tooth will be solid while the other two are hollow in order to fit over the other teeth. The bridge will be cemented to the teeth located on the sides of the gap. The procedure will be conducted over 2 appointments that take about an hour each.

All of these treatments including tooth whitening available from dentists such as Birkbeck Dentistry in Kent. If you are having any issues with your teeth or are simply looking for some cosmetic upgrades to your smile, contact Birkbeck Dentistry to get started.

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